CSM Kamen Rider Blade Blay Buckle and Rouse Absorber and Blay Rouzer | Unboxing and All Rouse Cards


CSM Blay Buckle and Rouse Absorber and Blay Rouzer from Kamen Ride Blade. Complete Selection Modification is a series of premium-level toys for adult Kamen Rider fans released by Bandai. This CSM version include not only normal Kamen Ride Blade, but also Kamen Rider Blade DCD version mode and Joker Mode. Hope Bandai will release the CSM version King Rouzer too.

Product in this video
Complete Selection Modification Kamen Rider Blade BlayBuckle and RouseAbsorber and BlayRouzer

0:00 Unboxing
0:19 Rouse Card
0:38 Blay Rouzer
1:25 Rouse Absorber
1:38 Orichalcum Element Projector
1:46 Blay Buckle
2:10 BOARD Siren (and Ondul Language)
2:47 Kamen Rider Blade Henshin sound
3:16 Kamen Rider Blade King Form (DCD) Henshin sound
3:31 also known as Kamen Rider Blade (Ondul Language)
3:38 All Rouse Cards sound
6:05 Combo Lightning Blast
6:26 Combo Lightning Sonic
6:57 Combo Lightning Slash
7:12 Kamen Rider Blade Jack Form Henshin sound
7:33 Combo Lightning Slash (Jack Form ver.)
7:59 Kamen Rider Blade King Form 1st time Henshin sound
8:39 Kamen Rider Blade King Form normal Henshin sound
9:05 Joker Change sound effect

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