Kamen Rider Slash Henshin Sound 仮面ライダースラッシュ 変身音 | Onjuuken Suzune



kamen rider slash henshin sound

Tetsuo Daishinji uses the Hanselnuts to Gretel Wonder Ride Book in the Onjuuken Suzune to transform into Kamen Rider Slash. This Rider first appears in episode 9.

Announcement: Toaru mori ni mayoikonda, chīsana kyōdai no okashina bōken no ohanashi. (A story unfolds of a little brother and sister’s funny adventure in a forest.)

Henshin sound:

Enjoy the Kamen RIder Slash henshin sound by StainStalk.

All fan art and animation in the video was created by StainStalk. Do not repost.

More Saber henshin sounds: https://bit.ly/2DGPdsq

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